Quality Control Equipments

Quality control :- All or products undergo strenuous Quality Control Tests in our well equipped laboratory before dispatch.

  • Chemical Laboratory: We have Portable Handy Spectrometer make – NITION XLi 800 ( Thermo ELECTRON CORPORATION ) and SPECTROMAXX METER BENCH TOP MODEL ( TYPE – LMXM04M BT ) with computerized print-out and Colorimeter arrangement for quick analysis in addition to the usual wet Method Apparatus.
  • Physical Test Laboratory: Equipped with a 20 Tonnes Lloyd’s approved Universal Tensile Testing Machine and computerized Hardness Testing Machines to measure Brinnel, Rockwell and Portable Equotip Hardness tester.
  • All processes and testing facilities are fully calibrated and certified traceable to national standards. Our Company operates with ISO 9001/2008 accreditation.
  • We are working towards: An Environmental Management System.
  • The company has a commitment to Total Quality Management and that is supported by extensive laboratory facilities staffed by highly trained metallurgists.
  • Inspection facilities include:- Chemical Analysis Testing, Hardness Testing, Tensile Testing, Case Depth Measurement and Metallography.
  • Inspection Test Certificate/Certificate of Compliance is available on request.