Quality Policy

Durg Engineering Ventures Pvt.Ltd. commits to manufacture and market products which comply with the customers’ needs and design specifications. The quality system is designed as per ISO-9001:2008 to assure quality of all our products and services through the evaluation, inspection and verification of processes and systems at all stages from marketing to design, purchasing, manufacturing, installation and servicing. Employees are trained and retrained to work systematically and strive for continuous improvement to maximize the efficiency of the organization, give customers value for their money and promote on-time delivery of products and services. Compliance with the provisions and objectives of the quality manuals is mandatory for all employees of the company and our motto is….

Quality Control :- All our products undergo strenuous Quality Control Tests in our well equipped laboratory before delivery.

  • Chemical Laboratory: We have Portable Handy Spectrometer make – NITION XLi 800 ( Thermo ELECTRON CORPORATION ) and SPECTROMAXX METER BENCH TOP MODEL ( TYPE – LMXM04M BT ) with computerized print-out and Colorimeter arrangement for quick analysis in addition to the usual wet Method Apparatus.
  • Physical Test Laboratory: Equipped with a 20 Tonnes Lloyd’s approved Universal Tensile Testing Machine and computerized Hardness Testing Machines to measure Brinnel, Rockwell and Portable Equotip Hardness tester.
  • All processes and testing facilities are fully calibrated and certified traceable to national standards. Our Company operates with ISO 9001/2008 accreditation.
  • We are working towards: An Environmental Management System.
  • The company has a commitment to Total Quality Management and that is supported by extensive laboratory facilities staffed by highly trained metallurgists.
  • Inspection facilities include:- Chemical Analysis Testing, Hardness Testing, Tensile Testing, Case Depth Measurement and Metallography.
  • Inspection Test Certificate/Certificate of Compliance is available on request.